Interior Painting and Renovation

  • Walls fixing and plastering 
  • Classic wall and ceiling painting 
  • Spray painting including: walls, kitchen cabinets, furnitures, high ceilings 
  • Woodwork repainting: scirtingboards, banisters, stairs, window edges, door, window frames. Renovation and repainting of the main entrance door.
  • Long lasting dry wall partition solution 
  • Drywall, also known as plasterboardis a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper or fiber cement sheets. Drywall partition is perfect to build interior walls. They are extremely durable, Eco-friendly & versatile all at the same time.
  • MDF Walls including Paneling
  • Flooring
  • Tiling 

Painting and Renovation, Exterior Cleaning

  • Exterior woodwork restoration and painting, walls old paint stripping, cleaning and repainting.
  • Wooden decking, patio, garden furnitures restoration and repainting

All range of Exterior Cleaning

  • Driveway power washing 
  • Faecia washing and repainting 
  • Payvment power washing
  • Roof and gutters cleaning 

Full House and Apartment Refurbishment

  • Bathroom renovation: tiling, paneling,walls repainting, bathroom suite installation including plumbing, electrical work and ventilation, installation of heating solution if needed. Ceiling repainting.
  • Kitchen renovation: space redesign including new partition walls if required, existing walls fixing and ceiling repainting , kitchen cabinets repainting, new kitchen cabinets fitting, tiling (splashback tiling, plumbing, electrical work including: appliances installations, light fitting and ventilation.
  • Living room, bedroom or corridor renovation: space redesign including drywall or MDF partition if requested. walls and ceiling painting, wooden elements painting (skirting boards, stairs and banisters), wooden furnitures restoration and painting , paneling wallpapering , chimney breast stone cladding, light  fitting, floors (all types including wooden parquet, floor panels, tiles, carpet fitting)
  • Attic insulation including light fitting. Space redesign, partition walls, shelving units and storage spaces ideas.

Removing old insulation and replacing it with new ones will not only rid your home from any rodent infestation and mold, but also improve its energy efficiency and overall air quality. Typical insulation materials we use are semi-rigid insulation boards as well as glass/mineral fibre. The insulation material you choose may depend on the depth of your joists or rafters.

Garden Improvement

  • Backyard landscaping ideas if you have your own one, let us bring your idea to reality or have a look at our already completed projects. Our manager will gladly show you our garden improvement catalogue to help you find an idealsolution for your garden. 
  • Fencing (wood lap, aluminium, pvc fencing panels, v-profile mesh fencing, countryside style fencing, papillon, artificial leaf hedge screen)
  • Decking (installation or restoration and repainting already existing one)
  • Patio building new one or improving existing one. Materials we use for Patios and driveways: Loose material like gravel, sand, decorative stones, bark mulch, decomposed granite) 

Commercial Projects

  • Castle renovation
  • Place of worship renovation and repainting 
  • Bar and Lounge wood restoration and repainting  
  • Commercial floors repainting